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This War
by shinyeyes
written on September 11, 2004 10:54 PM
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Random Poem

Funny how you always think you're wrong
Then it turns out you were right all along
Kinda like how it ended between you and me
I knew from the beginning, right through you I could see

It was pathetic, how about everything you lied
I could see right past those fake tears you cried
Never thought I was capable, of feeling so much hate
Let alone for someone I used to date

Looking back to our past, all I feel is regret
Not once have I missed you yet
Don't want to see your ass around here anymore
I hope you soon die, from the bottom of my heart's core

Maybe one day you'll understand
What it takes to be a real man
Maybe one day you'll figure out
What life is really all about

The one thing you'll never see
Is what it's truely like to be me
One day, lying in your bed
You'll never be able to get me out of your head

You'll toss and turn, scream in fright
Thinking about me all through the night
Realizing I am forever gone
And in the end, this war I have won


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